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Ty Carreg



Ty Carreg started its life as a two roomed farm cottage perched on the hillside overlooking the Wye valley. Following the Stonehouse Gang youth club’s need to find a base-camp for their residential activities, the club’s leaders set out on a mission to find somewhere suitable. Douglas Turner, a Gang benefactor for many years, offered to cover the cost of a little mountain hut or something of a similar nature to help develop the clubs adventure work. Frank Knighton, an assistant leader and a big contributor to the work of the club, set off on a hunt to find a suitable place in North Wales in the Snowdonia region. In the meantime, Gang Leader Harry ‘H’ Webb and an assistant leader Pete Lammas, went on their search in South Wales, having seen an advertisement in a Birmingham newspaper for a small cottage in Glasbury-on-Wye on the Radnorshire/Breconshire border.

On arrival to the advertised cottage, ‘H’ and Pete found the place unsuitable, but having wandered up the hills behind Glasbury, they found themselves at a small one up, two down house which was left empty, opposite the Ffynnongwynydd Common. The pair peered through the windows and found it to be in very good condition, in a fantastic spot overlooking the Black Mountains and approached by a leafy lane. What a better place to find adventure! So upon returning to Birmingham, Harry Webb wrote a letter asking if the house was for sale, addressed to “The Owner of the Empty White House alongside Ffynnongwynydd Common, Glasbury-on-Wye. – Please forward”. The owner of the house replied almost immediately, telling of the house’s original name of ‘Upper Bank’. The house was for sale and all were keen to buy it.

Upon purchase, in 1966, Douglas Turner put wheels into motion for a scheme to almost double the size of the original building and converting the outbuildings for use relevant to the Gang. The name of the house was changed from ‘Upper Bank’ to “Ty Carreg”, Stone House in Welsh. Since it’s purchase, thousands of users have stayed at Ty Carreg, both from the Stonehouse Gang youth club and from other groups through hire. Scouts, Guides, German exchange members, hiking groups, schools and businesses use the centre in many different ways.


Ty Carreg hasn’t always been the Stonehouse Gang’s residential hideaway. We’ve sourced our history back to when it was discovered by some of the Leaders many years ago.




Voluntary youth club based in Birmingham, owners of Ty Carreg.

‘‘Its better to light a candle, than to curse the darkness’’

“I love taking the young people from the club to Ty Carreg, it’s a great place for city kids to escape into the wilderness...”-Quotes-.html


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